Foods to Avoid for Diabetics – To Keep Safe From Diabetes

If you are a diabetic, it is indispensable that you have touch tip information of foods to avoid for diabetics. This is because they tell upon your health condition with diabetes. What you are eating usually is associated to blood glucose levels in the blood cells. Eating right foods is the best way of controlling sugar intake in your body. We shall have a small review of what are foods for diabetics to avoid so that we are safe from being or becoming diabetic.

Avoid high carb foods:

From the list of bad foods for diabetics, we can choose a few that are under main concern. If it is put in short, a diabetic should keep off the foods high in carbohydrates encompassing of while flour bread, white rice, and white corns. A diabetic needs to avoid high carb foods because they are high glycemic indexed foods. Carbohydrates act differently in our body and raise blood sugar levels. Foods with high glycemic index (GI) are rapidly digested to cause fluctuations in normal sugar levels. Recent studies have proven that high GI foods cause high blood sugar increasing the risk of diabetes type 2 and coronary heart diseases. Mention has to be done here that potatoes top the list of foods to avoid for diabetics. It is also too bad to consume any food containing white sugar, or corn syrup.

Avoid foods low in fiber:

Low fiber foods are succeeding to none in aggravating diabetic condition. Sweet beats, carrots, sweet pumpkins are foods diabetics should avoid as they are foods with low dietary fiber needed to control blood sugar in the bloodstream. Fiber content foods take a little more time to get digested, and so there is no steep rise in sugar intake. Slow digestion of the consumed food helps to maintain normal sugar range with streamlined energy production needed to the body. If what you eat are foods high in fiber you will have slow absorption of the food intake promoting balanced insulin secretion. The function of the pancreas remains normal with less chance to strain.

Avoid fatty foods:

Foods rich in fats are of two categories. There are foods containing good fats and the others containing bad fats. Since the foods like ice creams, pasta, thick cheese, and butter cakes are swollen with harmful fats with high calorie, these are essentially bad foods to avoid for diabetics. High calorie foods cause diabetes with elevated sugar levels. In vegetable family, bean varieties (kidney beans, navy beans, and garbanzo beans) are of high calorie foods. Low calorie foods when fried in fats gain high calorie.

6 Types of Vehicles That Can Be Converted Into Food Trucks

When it comes to food trucks, we all imagine automobiles and trains. These units are versatile and can be converted in order to serve different purposes. In this article, we are going to talk about different types of trucks that serve as food trucks. Read on to find out more.

1. Ford Stepvan

Ford Stepvan or UPS trucks are quite common. You can find them in your locality, especially if you are from the United States. Typically, they are deployed for commercial purposes. Many companies use them for commercial activities, such as parcel delivery. You may have seen Fed-ex and UPS courier services that deliver parcels through these trucks.

The same trucks are used as food trucks as well. So, they are quite versatile as far as applications are concerned.

2. Citroen H Vans

These conventional French panel vans were made until 1981. For the first time, their production began in 1941. Over the past 10 years, these vehicles have become quite popular, especially in the United Kingdom. Their look and appeal is vintage and eye catching, especially when they are used as food trucks.

3. Horse Boxes

Horse Boxes were initially used for the transport of horses. Today, they are used to meet the needs of different types of food delivery. In other words, they serve as mobile catering units.

Nowadays, they are mostly converted into alcohol or coffee bars. People use them when they organize private events and weddings.

4. School Buses

As far as these trucks are concerned, you can find different types of US-style school buses out there. Since these buses feature yellow bodywork, they are quite eye-catching. Apart from this, they offer plenty of space, especially when converted into different units that are designed for prepping, serving and cooking food.

5. Airstreams

This one is on the list of my most favorite food trucks. Actually, these American trailers are quite iconic. Plus, they are in production since the 1930s. In the beginning, they served as travel trailers. After a couple of decades, they were converted into food trailers and food trucks. Today, they are known as airstreams and are quite common.

6. Caravans

Retro or vintage caravans are on the list of another popular type of food trucks. Again, they are converted units. Since they are small, they can be easy towed and stored unlike other types of vehicles.

Today, these caravans are quite cheap and can be found in the United States. So, you can say that they are quite popular.

Long story short, this is the description of different types of trucks that serve as food trucks in the here and now.

Protein Foods – Nutritious


Our food contains a lot of nutrients. In which protein is the most important nutrient because it contains amino acid that plays a vital role in cells building and repairing muscles. It also Increases your immunization system that helps to resist from various diseases. Foods with protein are not only the source of energy but it should be the necessary part of our diet. The most important thing is that you should take it in right amount for better body functioning.

What is the function of Food with proteins?

As you know that protein food contains amino acid that plays very important role in child growth and development, like it repair the bones, muscles, internal organs, skin and blood. If your body does not fulfill the required amount of protein than the muscles will not develop and any cut and injury cannot heal up soon. Furthermore, It is very important to get the balanced food, it means that add the right number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet. Athletics are super fit because they take high protein food in a balanced way.

Amount of Protein Rich Foods needed by our body:

Human body requires about eight ounces of meat per day. But, if the requirement to take more proteins increase then it can be leveled with the intake of carbohydrates which provide lot of energy that is essential for muscles. Protein food is also found in plants, animals and dairy foods. As far as animal protein food is concerned it includes meat, fish, poultry which contains all nine amino acids that are highly required for our body growth and development. Plant and dairy food provides protein as eggs, cheese, milk, nuts, beans, seeds, lentils, peas, breads, soy, cereal and many green vegetables that do not have all amino acids, but they can fulfill the requirements.


It is not recommended to take large amount of protein because our body needs about 50 to 60 grams of protein food per day along with you should add other combination of protein foods like vegetables. For the healthy diet it is very important to take the balanced food in a right way.