Foods to Avoid for Diabetics – To Keep Safe From Diabetes

If you are a diabetic, it is indispensable that you have touch tip information of foods to avoid for diabetics. This is because they tell upon your health condition with diabetes. What you are eating usually is associated to blood glucose levels in the blood cells. Eating right foods is the best way of controlling sugar intake in your body. We shall have a small review of what are foods for diabetics to avoid so that we are safe from being or becoming diabetic.

Avoid high carb foods:

From the list of bad foods for diabetics, we can choose a few that are under main concern. If it is put in short, a diabetic should keep off the foods high in carbohydrates encompassing of while flour bread, white rice, and white corns. A diabetic needs to avoid high carb foods because they are high glycemic indexed foods. Carbohydrates act differently in our body and raise blood sugar levels. Foods with high glycemic index (GI) are rapidly digested to cause fluctuations in normal sugar levels. Recent studies have proven that high GI foods cause high blood sugar increasing the risk of diabetes type 2 and coronary heart diseases. Mention has to be done here that potatoes top the list of foods to avoid for diabetics. It is also too bad to consume any food containing white sugar, or corn syrup.

Avoid foods low in fiber:

Low fiber foods are succeeding to none in aggravating diabetic condition. Sweet beats, carrots, sweet pumpkins are foods diabetics should avoid as they are foods with low dietary fiber needed to control blood sugar in the bloodstream. Fiber content foods take a little more time to get digested, and so there is no steep rise in sugar intake. Slow digestion of the consumed food helps to maintain normal sugar range with streamlined energy production needed to the body. If what you eat are foods high in fiber you will have slow absorption of the food intake promoting balanced insulin secretion. The function of the pancreas remains normal with less chance to strain.

Avoid fatty foods:

Foods rich in fats are of two categories. There are foods containing good fats and the others containing bad fats. Since the foods like ice creams, pasta, thick cheese, and butter cakes are swollen with harmful fats with high calorie, these are essentially bad foods to avoid for diabetics. High calorie foods cause diabetes with elevated sugar levels. In vegetable family, bean varieties (kidney beans, navy beans, and garbanzo beans) are of high calorie foods. Low calorie foods when fried in fats gain high calorie.