Ethnic Gold Jewellery – A Good Way to Change Around Your Style

Ethnic gold jewellery has been popular on the red carpet and among the buying public. With that kind of recognition it is no surprise that this type of gold has inspired the designs of many mainstream design houses. Women are attracted to the higher karatage look of various types of Far Eastern ornaments. These type of Ethnic items are also more exotically designed than regular Western-style jewelry. Exotic designs often stand out more when paired with normal Western clothing.

Higher karatage jewellery has a more saturated yellow tone to it than regular 14 karat gold. Ethnic precious items from India, China, Thailand,Portugal and other countries are typically made in 18 karat to 24 karat. The color tone of this precious metal from various countries varies from a deep yellow to a deep orange. Many women find this deeper color more flattering to their skin tones and such pieces look very good in a matte finish. Indeed higher karatage gold lends itself better to the type of high design texturing that goldsmiths and craftsmen from these various countries will apply to their finished pieces.

Exotic fashion jewellery has its own appeal. Jewelry from India for instance often has the typical look of paisley patterns and other exotic designs taken from ancient Indian architecture. Similarly the natively designed accessories and ornaments from China are inspired by ancient Chinese architecture and art. You will find many women wearing pendants and rings in the form of Chinese characters used in Mandarin and other Chinese languages. They look for the exotically styled jewelry to set themselves apart from women who adorn themselves in the mass merchandise found in stores like Zales and Kay jewelers.

Relative to the Paris cat walk Western clothing design is relatively benign. Lines and cuts tend to be much cleaner than ethnic clothing and certainly more free of embellishment. So exotic and Indian jewellery designs will stand out much better against Western clothing then against the shimmery looking and bright colored Indian saris that women of class like to wear in India. Traditional Chinese and Japanese clothing are also fairly exotic looking and will mask the distinctive designs of ethnic adornments.

Ethnic style accouterments are not for everyone. On a day-to-day basis many women prefer to wear their simple diamond jewellery. But for that special occasion ethnic gold pendants and earrings may be just what the doctor ordered to complete the kind of look that is both distinctive and classy in day and evening wear. The deeper colored gold and exotic texturing can put a woman miles apart from her competition when going out on the town.