The Negative Effects of the Virtual Lifestyle

Internet has become a haven for people seeking recreation. Lately, the internet has become more of a source of recreation instead of information. People use it to chat, to play games, to download videos, music and other stuff. There is no problem with this, the internet was developed to provide people access to everything for any reason; be it for business or pleasure. There is nothing wrong with having access to information and other services the internet provides, it is with how it affects the life of other people.

Using the internet is a good way to pass the time away. It was a part of its design to provide recreation to its users. That’s why we have so many activities available on the internet ranging from chat sites, simple games you can play online, videos, massive online role playing games, and even poker. All of these are recreational activities that can be accessed through the net. This is all fun activities but it did have a negative effect on a number of individuals to frequently surf the internet.

Some individuals become addicted to the internet and its related technologies that they spend so much time in front of their personal computers. Some of these individuals would sit in front of their computers for long periods of time developing a very unhealthy habit. Spending too much time in front of a computer is a major contributor to a rising problem right now in our society, obesity. This is not a problem for adults alone. This problem has become more prevalent in young children as well. As people spend more and more time in front of their computers they become lazy. Since these individuals don’t being away from away from their computers too long, they develop the habit of eating in front of their computers.

This way they don’t miss out on anything. This habit if left unchecked leads to obesity, especially among young children. They spend hours just sitting down in front of their screens and they are no longer motivated to play outdoors since they would prefer to play games on the internet. These children no longer play or have any physical activities and in the process their young bodies are not getting the right amount of exercise. Because of this their bodies are unable to burn the calories they store from food intake and their bodies begin to store fat. Their muscles fail to develop as well thus leading to obesity. This is true among adults too.

While the internet is not the only cause of the growing problem of obesity in our society, it does contribute to this problem among others. Other contributing factors would be irresponsible parenting among children and unregulated use of computers. Poor eating habits and the lack of proper exercise contribute to this problem too. The internet may not be the only source of this problem but regulating the use of the internet and computers among children can help curb this problem. After all, a little lifestyle change for better health wouldn’t hurt anyone.